One time, on my instagram, an old friend commented on a plate that I posted, “I don’t know what it is that you exactly….do.”

I’m Weston Smith, I’m in food and beverage.

If food or beverage are involved, I’m there. That means restaurants, definitely. It means film shoots and commercials about food. It means traveling to strange corners of the country to see what people are eating and drinking. It means photographing all the things, drinking all the bottles.┬áIt means I can cook and plate, write your menu, hire your staff, and build your beverage list. I’m a rich resource of contemporary food and beverage trends, trained and conditioned in the kitchens of New York City. I have no dietary restrictions (except octopus). I read the books and email the producers and say “corner” and “behind” and “oui chef.”

Substance is my blog and portfolio, a self-promotion and a depository for longer form writing than I can squeeze into Instagram.

I’m originally from the southern California desert. I worked in coffee and art and music in Portland, Oregon, and then fine dining and publishing in New York (and briefly, Charleston). These days, I’m consulting, writing, and fundraising for film projects and a restaurant. I’d love to open a restaurant in Brooklyn; I’d love to run a docu-series about dining and beverage trends in the United States; I’d love to spend a year on the Canary Islands, or Copenhagen.

I’m working on my third book. I can be reached at terroroir (at) gmail (dot) com, or on Instagram @westonnsmith.