What can Substance Food and Beverage do for you?

In the course of my career, I’ve built a wide network of committed professionals and diverse personalities. I can summon a team to execute your project.

  • We can write.
    Whether it’s a script, a menu, or pitch, my network is made of experts and masters in their respective fields, including advertising copy and the literary arts. If you’re writing about food, beverage, or the industry at large, we have content creators available.
  • We can consult.
    Opening a restaurant, cafe, or bar? Thinking about starting a brewery, or making your own hot sauce? We can train your bartenders, hire your hostess, set up your payroll, or look over your business plan. We can introduce you to wine distributors, or even better, local producers. We can tune you into growing trends, and separate the wheat from the chaff (literally or metaphorically).
  • We can envision.
    Are you a film producer, a budding restaurateur, a real estate developer? We can create projects for you from the ground up. Need a coffee bar in your industrial creative space? Positioning yourself as a content creator in your local market? We can be anywhere.
  • We can shoot.
    Seriously, food photography is everything. Whether you’re a major sparkling water brand or a small wine producer, a new restaurant, a newspaper or journal, we’ll make it look nice.
  • We can ferment.
    Yeah, we’ve got the wine, we’ve got the beer, we’ve got the kimchi, we’ve got the sourdough. Don’t come at us with industrial yeasts.
  • We can cook.
    In your home, in a kitchen, on a roof, in your film studio, in New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Charleston, we’ve got the cooks.